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These industrial strength pail inserts (drum liners) are molded to tightly fit the pail and have a lip at the top to hold the bag securely in place. Their molded shape allows for nearly complete recovery of stored products. This feature will provide cost savings over time by reducing the amount of needlessly discarded product.

Molded rigid drum liners (pail inserts) are leak-proof and are ideal for packaging:Paints, Inks, Pastes, Adhesives, Varnishes, Solvents, Chemicals, Sealants, Foods, Dry goods, Pharmaceutical products...and much more

Our molded rigid drum liners can handle even the toughest industrial applications. They facilitate the material disposal process. Reduce some overhead costs by using pail inserts. Drum liners extend the lifetime of drums and pails by reducing wear. There are additional cost savings as the inserts and liners will decrease the time and cost associated with cleaning and reconditioning drum and pails.

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Plastic Drum Liners

These Plastic rigid drum inserts are vacuum formed and seamless. Completely leak proof!

Why Choose Us?

Our plastic drum liners is disposal of material is clean and easy; Great for storing inks, paints, coatings, food, cosmetic and any liquid; Approved to meet FDA standards

plastic drum liners

Custom Plastic Drum Liners's Size

Our molded rigid drum liners are available in smooth or accordion style in sizes ranging from 11-¼" diameter up to 22-½" diameter, with thicknesses of 15-mil, 18-mil, and 24-mil. They are available in 5, 30, and 55-gallon capacities. All our drum bags and pail inserts meet FDA requirements and can be used for food storage and preparation.
rigid drum liner

High Quality

Each drum liner is quality assured, produced, packed, and checked by hand to your specification.Our drum liner use in: pharmaceutical industry, paint manufacturing, food , and any other applications to enable drums to be reused, cutting cleaning and turn around time.The liners can be made to fit the drum precisely, have sufficient material to enable the liner to be folded over the lip of the drum, or tied off for storage or transport
plastic drum liner

Distributor Partnership Benefits

Become a VIP Partner Today! If you are a packaging distributor, packaging reseller or packaging broker, then allow us to introduce you to the ZZ Group Distributor Partnership Program. As a manufacturer and importer of plastic drum liners and storage containers we can offer remarkable factory direct prices. Check out the other unbelievable benefits our Distributor Partners enjoy